Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Hey, wow, its been a while lol, sorry about that. im back. got really not a whole lot to say. Working on getting a job which is good and still saving for that 3DS. if anyone remembers, i was starting out OoT and yes I've been slacking on that too (damn school) but im at the boss of the fire temple. If anyone has any tips for OoT make sure to comment. have a nice day ^_^

Sunday, February 6, 2011


I know it's been a while since i've made a new blog but today is the day i make a triumphant return =). With school and friends its hard to keep up with the internet these days. Again i find myself with lots of homework due tomarrow and i have not had a thought about starting it. There's just too much to do! But enough of my whining.

I've searched the far corners of the interweb truck and found some info pics. hope you all enjoy them and can benefit from them as much as me

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


So I live in the Midwest and if anyone knows we jsut got smashed with a massive blizzard (actually i think it stretched further than the midwest but w/e) so i got excused from school today =). so when i went outside i noticed my entire street was left unplowed (FFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUU) so i was not able to leave my house since then. so i advanced quite a bit further in OoT. im no longer young link but im stuck dicking around in the damn forrest temple. so yeah, thats whats gettin done today, and as i check my email i see school is cancled tomarrow too (FUCK YEAH). and as i write this, next to my girlfriend playing pikmin, i wonder, who else got snowed in today? post in your stories about the snow day.Dont forget to follow and comment. have a wonderful (snow?) day

Monday, January 31, 2011

The Start of my Day

So if anyone read my blog yesterday the should know that i have (had) a project due today. HOWEVER, thanks to the miracle of chinese takeout, my stomach would not allow me to leave my apartment for class today. So rather than working on making it EPIC!, im here working on my blog =D. so im gonna post a few funny pictures like i promised.

Oh, and the first time that I get enough free time to go train my Pokemon, and i remember that my DS got lost, most likely stolen, with my SS on Christmas... Looks like i gotta start saving for that 3DS

HAHA Pic related what im doing now

Sunday, January 30, 2011

new post

SO! It's been a few days since i had enough free time to make a new post, however today is my "free" day. Since it's my free day i decided to make a confession


As a kid I was never able to beat OoT.... I know, ashamed... *cry* but since the release of the 3DS will have a remake of OoT i decided I would beat it before it came out. So I went down to a used book music and game store and bought a copy for a few bucks and DAMN this game is good. I played a little as a kid when i rented it but could never get out of the Deku tree.  I actually can't wait till it comes out for 3DS it's gonna be great. I hope they don't take as much out as i heard they would. My girlfriend is watching me play because of  Epona, even though i haven't gotten her yet... but anyways back to why today is my "free" day. Free is in quotes because it actually isnt a day i can blow off everything like i wish i could. i have an annotated bibliography due tomarrow so im gonna head off and finish that and look forward to a day ful of OoT.

Feel free to comment and follow =) happy reading and have a happy Sunday

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

school, 3ds, and some other shit.

ok so fucking ignorant people at my school are insanely stupid. im constantly being run into and blamed for the bumping into all the "ghetto" people etc. whatever i just had to get that shit off my chest... but anyways, today in Anthropology we did some shit with the 'cosmic calender' and it was pretty interesting. i was actually pretty amazed that if the entire universe history was condensed into a 12 month calender, all of human history would be in the last 20 seconds of December. mind=blown. Later, my friend was talking about the new Nintendo 3DS. $250? is it worth it? i mean a million ports and OoT? is it worth the big chunk in my wallet? im not sure. well im thinkin that wraps up my day worth of crap... check back i'll get better at this blogging shit and i'll have funny pictures to come too =)

Monday, January 24, 2011

about me

well hello let me be the first and hopefully only one to introduce you to my blog. I hate filling out the damn profile things so i'll talk about myself here. im a teenager and im a guy. i love pokemon and any nintendo games in general. i have a wonderful girlfriend and i am looking forward to posting as many blogs as often as i can. happy reading =)