Tuesday, January 25, 2011

school, 3ds, and some other shit.

ok so fucking ignorant people at my school are insanely stupid. im constantly being run into and blamed for the bumping into all the "ghetto" people etc. whatever i just had to get that shit off my chest... but anyways, today in Anthropology we did some shit with the 'cosmic calender' and it was pretty interesting. i was actually pretty amazed that if the entire universe history was condensed into a 12 month calender, all of human history would be in the last 20 seconds of December. mind=blown. Later, my friend was talking about the new Nintendo 3DS. $250? is it worth it? i mean a million ports and OoT? is it worth the big chunk in my wallet? im not sure. well im thinkin that wraps up my day worth of crap... check back i'll get better at this blogging shit and i'll have funny pictures to come too =)


  1. off to a good start, keep the posts coming.

  2. I live in inner-city Birmingham so I know how you feel Geezer. Stay strong.

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  4. Can't wait for the 3DS!